Scott Russell Sanders is Giving Away His New Novel — Here’s Why

Scott Russell Sanders' newest novel is Divine Animal, and he's giving away the e-version -- which is available now -- and selling the print version at cost. That one comes out in March. "A wound may be inflicted in a heartbeat--from an explosion, accidents, or cruel act--but healing, if it comes at all, comes slowly," says Sanders. "Divine Animal is a story of healing, traced through the lives of characters bound together by a secret trauma."

Review: The Invisibles: A Vivid Collection

The Invisibles, by Hugh Sheehy : Reviewed by Andrew C. Gottlieb As an author, he’s crafting tales with details that overlap and deepen as the what-next unfolds. It’s clear why Sheehy’s story, The Invisibles, appeared in the Best American Mystery Stories 2008. It’s a complicated, character-based tale, much more than a simple whodunit.

Clay: A Complicated Landscape

Steve Himmer Reviews Clay: A Novel by Melissa Harrison It’s an old but important question in environmentalism and art alike: Do we place the human at the center or the edges? What’s the right role to assign ourselves when we create national parks or urban oases, or when we attempt to tell stories about a world containing more species than solely our own?

Women and Nature,
the Engine that Drives the World

Rosalie Morales Kearns Reviews Women Who Sleep with Animals, Stories by Lisa Norris It’s easy, at first, to forget this miraculous quality of animals as one moves forward in the collection, as subsequent stories feature animals killed in accidents or for the sake of scientific research. The human characters’ varied reactions to these deaths are skillfully woven into stories involving more familiar human dilemmas like rejection, illness, and disappointment.

A Kind of Ritual

David Bernardy Reviews The Names of Things, a Novel by John Colman Woods Set against the backdrop of a nomadic tribal community in eastern Africa, John Colman Wood’s quietly affecting debut novel, The Names of Things, explores the intricacies  between love and grief and the intersections of nature and culture.

Replica Versus Reality

Andrew C. Gottlieb reviews Recapture and Other Stories, by Erica Olsen Recapture & Other Stories is a compact volume that compares the real and the replica, memory and the object, preservation and isolation, all amid the geology and geography of the Southwestern desert of the United States. In publishing this first collection of short fiction from writer Erica Olsen, Torrey House Press has produced a gem.

Announcing the Winners of the 3rd Annual Contests in Poetry, Fiction, and Nonfiction!

The editors of A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments are delighted to announce the winners of our 3rd Annual Contests in Poetry, Fiction, and Nonfiction:
  • Poetry ~ Genevieve Leet, for two poems (judged by Suzanne Frischkorn)
  • Fiction ~ Courtney Amber Kilian, for the story "Color Has History" (judged by Skip Horack)
  • Nonfiction ~ Sonya Huber, for the essay "Love and Industry: A Midwestern Notebook" (judged by Christopher Cokinos)
The winners and finalists will appear in Issue 31, "Ruin + Renewal", which publishes January 15, 2013.