Contest Submission Guidelines

The 10th Annual Contest in Poetry, Nonfiction, and Fiction is now closed.

We accept contest submissions from January 1 to Labor Day. The deadline for our 10th Annual Contest was September 2, 2019, for publication in January 2020.


Contest Details

Submission Period

The contest submission period for our 10th Annual Contest is January 1 to September 2, 2019. Submissions have closed. Winners will be announced no later than the end of November 2019.


A prize of $500 plus publication for the first-place winner will be awarded in each genre. Finalists in each genre will also receive publication and a $100 prize.

Selection Process

All submissions are considered for publication.’s editors will read all entries, passing the top entries in each genre to the judges, who will choose the first-place winners. Decisions of the judges are final. Judges and editors do not know the identity of the contestants.

Judges (10th Annual Contest)

Camille T. Dungy, Poetry
Camille T. Dungy, the award-winning author of Trophic Cascade and four other poetry collections, is the editor of Black Nature: Four Centuries of African American Nature Poetry

Alison Hawthorne Deming, Nonfiction
Alison Hawthorne Deming is the author of four nonfiction books, most recently Zoologies: On Animals and the Human Spirit, and five poetry books, as well as a recent Guggenheim Fellow in Nonfiction and Regents’ Professor in the Creative Writing Program at the University of Arizona.

Tara Lynn Masih, Fiction
Tara Lynn Masih’s publications include The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction, The Chalk Circle: Intercultural Prizewinning Essays, and the award-winning novel My Real Name Is Hanna–and she founded the Best Small Fictions series in 2015.


How to Submit

Our contest submission period is open until September 2, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time.

You are not eligible to enter this contest if you are a current student of the contest judges or if you have been a winner in the contest in the last five years. Finalists are welcome to submit again.

Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, but previously published material in any format, including blogs, will not be considered. Submissions can be withdrawn through the submission system, though in that case contest entry fees will not be refunded. Individual components of submissions (i.e., a single poem in a poem set) may be withdrawn by emailing


The cost to submit is $15 per story, essay or article, or set of 3-5 poems (or single long poem).

What to Submit

You may submit up to three entries (at $15/entry) in any or all genres:

Submit 3-5 poems or one long poem (5+ pages) per entry. Combine all poems into a single document. For poetry, we are seeking not just the best poem, but the best set of 3-5 poems or the best long poem, with the hopes of awarding our prizes to poetry sets or long poems rather than individual, shorter poems, when possible. No maximum lines per poem. Poems must contain only the poem title(s) and poem(s) without the author name or contact information.

Submit one story, up to 5,000 words total, or up to three flash fictions (up to 1,000 words each) per entry. Stories must contain only the story title and story itself without the author name or contact information.

Submit one essay or article, up to 5,000 words total, or up to three flash essays (up to 1,000 words each) per entry. Essays must contain only the essay title and essay itself without the author name or contact information. We will consider all nonfiction, but are most interested in creative nonfiction, including personal essays, lyric essays, memoir, literary journalism, and other literary forms.

Cover Letter Required

Each submission must include a cover letter with the author’s name and contact information—including email, telephone, and mailing address—and the name(s) of the poem(s), story(ies), and/or essay(s). The cover letter must be the first page of the submission document. It is the only portion of the submission that may contain name or contact information.

The Submission Process

  1. The submission period for our 10th Annual Contests closes at 11:59 p.m. on September 2, 2019.
  2. Please save your cover letter and submission for each entry as a single document — .doc, .docx, .rtf, or .txt, or .pages only. Do not submit in .pdf format.
  3. Submit online at If you have submitted to before, log in to submit. If you have not submitted before, you must register.
  4. Choose the Contest – Fiction, Contest – Nonfiction, or Contest – Poetry genre category. Double-check that you have selected the appropriate contest genre; they are the last options during the regular submission period (and the only options during the summer).
  5. Once you confirm your submission, you will be directed to a page with payment instructions (via Paypal). Instructions for mailing a check in lieu of paying online are also provided. Checks and delayed online payments must be received by September 15.
  6. No submission will be considered until payment has been received.
  7. You will receive submission and payment confirmation via email.


Submit Now!

Ready to submit for the contest? Submit online now:

Thanks very much, and we look forward to reviewing your contest submission!


Contest Winners

9th Annual Contest Winners

“Tallow,” “Exhibit: ‘Song of Lost Species’,” and “armadillo” by Jane Lovell
Judged by Jane Hirshfield

“The Violence of the Given World” by Sarah M. Wells
Judged by Elizabeth Dodd

“Out of Good Ground” by John Thomson
Judged by Daniel Orozco


8th Annual Contest Winners

Two Poems by Edward Harkness
Judged by Robert Wrigley

“Ghost Trees” by Jennie Goode
Judged by Nicole Walker

“N-Place Exiting” by Thomas Ausa
Judged by Padma Viswanathan


7th Annual Contest Winners

One Poem in Four Parts by William Wright
Judged by Eamonn Grennan

“Varya’s Black Suede Shoes” by Peter Justin Newall
Judged by Kate Bernheimer

“Geography of the Self” by Catherine Mauk
Judged by Lauret Savoy


6th Annual Contest

Theme: (Dis)placement

Four Poems by G. L. Grey
Judged by Pattiann Rogers

“Contrition” by William Cass
Judged by Luis Alberto Urrea

“Of No Ground: Late Days in the Country of Eighteen Tides” by Lawrence Lenhart
Judged by Scott Russell Sanders


5th Annual Contest Winners

Anne Haven McDonnell
“The Underworld is Alive” and “Emerging View”
Judged by Derek Sheffield

Nancy Campbell
“The Library of Ice”
Judged by Julian Hoffman


4th Annual Contest Winners
Issue No. 34 : Elemental

Rob Carney
“Seven Pages from The Book of Sharks
Judged by John Daniel

Eloise Schultz
“The Water Cycle”
Judged by Teague Bohlen

Nancy Geyer
Judged by Kathryn Miles


3rd Annual Contest Winners
Issue No. 31 : Ruin and Renewal

Genevieve Leet
For her poem set “[when I died they found a nest of snakes in my intestines, their backs]” and “Somewhere beyond the curve of the earth, there is a ceremonial bamboo boat”
Judged by Suzanne Frischkorn

Sonya Huber
For her essay “Love and Industry: A Midwestern Workbook”
Judged by Christopher Cokinos

Courtney Amber Kilian
For her story “Color Has History”
Judged by Skip Horack


2nd Annual Contest Winners
Issue No. 28 : Image

Rebecca Dunham : “Morning: Joplin, MO”
Judged by Alison Hawthorne Deming

Julian Hoffman : “Faith in a Forgotten Place” + Image Gallery
Judged by Elizabeth Dodd

GE Tallant : “Song of the Turkey Vulture”
Judged by Andrew Wingfield


Inaugural Contest Winners
Issue No. 26 : The Signal in the Noise

Laura-Gray Street : “Goya’s Dog”
Judged by Jessie Lendennie

Elizabeth Dodd : “Sinuous”
Judged by David Rothenberg

Andrew Wingfield : “Right of Way”
Judged by Aurelie Sheehan


Note that we reserve the right to reduce or cancel the contest (and refund entry fees) if we do not receive enough submissions.

For further information or assistance, please contact us.

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