Submit A Journal of the Built + Natural Environments is based on and thus welcomes quality submissions from new and experienced authors and artists alike. Our online journal accepts only the finest poetry, essays, fiction, articles, artwork, videos, and other contributions — material that reaches deep into the earth’s fiery core, or humanity’s incalculable core, and brings forth new insights and wisdom.

The submission period is open from September 4 to May 30 for general submissions (no fee) and from January 1 to September 3 for contest submissions ($15 fee for $500 prize in each genre).

We are currently accepting submissions of poetry, nonfiction, and fiction for our 9th Annual Contest (deadline: September 3, 2018). There is a $15 fee (with $500 prize in each genre) for the contest.

Follow the links below for specific submission information, and to submit online:

For additional information, please contact us.

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