Terrain.org Issue 33 Now Live!

Terrain.org's Summer 2013 issue features a guest editorial -- Confessions of a Failed Energy Martyr -- by Raymond Welch; To Know a Place on light pollution by Paul Bogard; an interview with Joni Tevis; Fayetteville, Arkansas' Willow Bend as the Unsprawl case study; nonfiction by Rick Bass, Kurt Caswell, Beth Baker, and Claudia and George Kousoulas; poetry by Wendell Berry, Andrea Cohen, Nathaniel Perry, Melissa Kwasny, Kristi Moos, Jack Johnson, Sally Bliumis-Dunn, Christopher Locke, Clara Changxin Fang, and Jody Gladding (image poems); fiction by Anya Groner and Shannon Sweetnam; ARTerrain gallery of time, erosion, and texture photographs by Luke Parsons; and more.

The Renewal of Dirt

Derek Sheffield reviews Nine Acres, by Nathaniel Perry Nathanial Perry’s Nine Acres, which won the APR/Honickman First Book Prize judged by Marie Howe, achieves its beauty through a clear voice and a unity of form and theme. My form antennae twitched after reading the first poem, but it wasn’t until the third or fourth poem that I realized what I was in the grips of—and it comes down to the number four.