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Pop X is the first newsletter from the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) dedicated solely to the issues related to human overpopulation and overconsumption, as well as the the extinction crisis and its effects on biodiversity.

As of this post, the CBD reports that the current world population is 6,888,183,791. Click here for the current tally. That same page offers information and resources exploring the link between human overpopulation and the extinction crisis.

This chart from the U.S. Geological Survey illustrates the correlation between extinction rates and human population growth:

The CBD suggests that “species are disappearing about 1,000 times faster than is typical of the planet’s history.” The current cause? Human population growth at an unsustainable rate.

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One Response

  1. SecondLawIsDead

    Yeah… species extinctions are a natural process and it’s likely that we’re simply coming toward the decline of the Bird and Mammal dominated biosphere and into a new phase. It is also quite likely if you take a thorough look at the fossil record, that the highest of those species that have developed so far, is meant to take over the biosphere and it seems to me that it’s the human species that fulfills this role. That is, if we choose to not act like animals and be intelligent. Population caps or population reduction is a desire for the extinction of the greatest creation the biosphere has been able to produce; humanity. It also is rather peculiar to me, and seems a strange coincidence that a bunch of uppity oligarchs like Prince Philip and Sir David Attenborough are pushing this green population control stuff. I think it may be that they only want them and their families to live on planet earth so they can have there way with a bestial mankind and also with donkeys like their buddy Bertrand Russell… hmmm… Well according to this video and James Dwight Dana, the entire biosphere had conspired to create a species capable of cognition, and the intentional stifling of this cognitive power is going against the intended design of the creator. Maybe all this “naturalist”, “green” anti-development/anti-progress stuff is just unnatural Imperial Brainwashing…??

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