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Have you noticed’s new Currents section? We’ve gathered our longstanding columns by writers such as Lauret Savoy, David Rothenberg, and Kathryn Miles with our weekly series by writers and editors such as Rob Carney and Amy Knight, plus guest editorials, new audio and video series, and archived series into this expanded collection that publishes between two and four new pieces each week.

View the latest Currents now, or check them out by series or column:

Current Series

Available Light
A Series on the Photography of Place by W. Scott Olsen

Environmental Learning in the Anthropocene
A Series on New Approaches to Education by Mitchell Thomashow

From Where I Stand
An Audio Series by Valorie Grace Hallinan

Guest Editorials
Editorials by guests such as Susan Cerulean and Dave Foreman

Living in Lavapiés
A Series Set in Spain by Zoë Calhoun

Old Roads, New Stories
A Literary Series by Rob Carney

The House We Live In
A Series on Building the Sustainable Home in Tucson, Arizona by Amy Knight

A Life of Science
A Series by New Scientists in the Carsons Scholar Program at the University of Arizona

Concluded Series

Art and Environment
A Series of Conversations Hosted by and the Institute of Environment at the University of Arizona

Brazilian Notebook
A Nine-Part Series by Alison Hawthorne Deming

Eyes on the Street
A Three-Part Urban Design Series by Ken Pirie

Hong Kong Through the Looking Glass
A Series on Sustainable Planet, People, and Prosperity by Dante Archangeli

Iceland Days
A Five-Part Series by Abeer Hoque

Notes Across the Andes
A Series Set in South America by Paulina Jenney

On the Trail
A Video Series in 12 Parts by Michael Hess

Poetic Field Research at Biosphere 2
A Six-Part Series of Poems Inspired by Biosphere 2 Near Oracle, Arizona

Stories from the Field
A Series by Young Writers Out in the World

Thoughts on the Apocalypse
A Series by Established Writers on What “Apocalypse” Means to Them


A Stone’s Throw
Column by Lauret Savoy

Column by Elizabeth Dodd

Bull Hill
Column by David Rothenberg

Field Notes
Column by Kathryn Miles

Plein Air
Column by Deborah Fries

The Literal Landscape
Column by Simmons B. Buntin is the first online literary journal of place, publishing award-winning literature, art, editorials, and community case studies since 1998.