Terrain.org’s Elemental Issue Now Live

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We are pleased to announce the launch of Terrain.org’s 34th issue: Elemental. Issue 34 — Fall 2013 — includes a wonderful mix of literature, including the winners and finalists of our 4th Annual Contests in Poetry, Nonfiction, and Fiction. With a guest editorial by Priscilla Long, an interview with earth scientist Fred Swanson, poetry by a dozen leading poets (including our first video poems), searing nonfiction and fiction, outstanding photography, and well-traveled columns, you’ll want to dive right in:

"Water Dance" by Douglas A. Yates
“Water Dance” by Douglas A Yates, in this issue’s ARTerrain gallery.



To Know a Place

  • Fall, or Falling
    Nonfiction by Melissa Matthewson ~ with audio and gallery
    4th Annual Nonfiction Contest Finalist




ARTerrain Gallery







  • The Water Cycle
    Eloise Schultz ~ with audio
    4th Annual Fiction Contest Winner, judged by Teague Bohlen
  • Rare Offering
    JoeAnn Hart ~ with audio
    4th Annual Fiction Contest Finalist




Night sky and evergreens photo courtesy Shutterstock.

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