International Writing Program Tour: A Magical Wizard

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InstructorHere’s a story generated during a creative writing workshop in Phnom Penh, by a very talented young Cambodian writer, David Pheng.

A Magical Wizard

After dusk, after leaving an empty city, three brothers who got lost in a quiet and graceful forest saw something unbelievably amazing. They saw a man in a black rope carrying a very thick book and a flashing wand. One more thing that made them feel wonderment was a black wizard’s hat which the man was wearing. With the wand and book, the man enthusiastically wanted to create a new world for animals, birds, pests, and insects. However, there were no any innovations and people included. With the help of the wand, he waved it three times and took some spells from the book to spill over the rocks, leaves, dust, and small pieces of woods. He eventually succeeded his plan and clearly transformed: the rocks to animals, leaves to birds, dust to pests, and pieces of woods to insects. All of a sudden, the three brothers took his digital camera to capture the moment when those natural things were being converted to those living things. Unfortunately, after taking some shots, they awkwardly noticed that they pictures were totally vanished and emptied. At the meantime, they were utterly shocked and terrified of what was really happening to them. Without any further delay, they all were trying to escape from that odd forest because they just wanted to protect themselves from being affected by the power of the wand. Feeling deeply scared, they got lost in the forest which was entirely surrounded by huge trees and waterfalls. Unexpectedly, there came the wizard flying on his magical broom towards them. They were so frightened till they fainted on the ground and became unconscious. In fact, the wizard was a gentle and generous one, and he really felt sorry about the way he made them faint. To help them not to feel scared of what they had just seen, they waved his wand three times again and used another spell from the book to make them forget about what had happened on that day. By knowing that they had got lost, he also waved the wand again in order to send them away to their house. is the world’s first online journal of place, publishing a rich mix of literature, artwork, case studies, and more since 1997.