Like stats? Here’s a way to explore the numbers visually. Hans Rosling (featured on BBC Four) takes us through changes in personal wealth as it relates to lifespan for more than 200 countries over the course of 200 years — all in a span of four minutes. What is the correlation between lifespan and personal wealth? The presentation suggests that economic prosperity promotes health and longer lifespans, but this trend has serious consequences for the planet as the human population explodes, creating unprecedented stress on the environment, food and water supplies, sustainability, housing, and natural resources.

Click to play the video and see how Rosling presents changes in society since 1810. Data lovers will enjoy.

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  1. Kelly Rishor

    I absolutely loved this video. It could be used in schools worldwide. What an insightful diagram of age, wealth and the passage of time. Makes me ponder the future. Thank you!

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