The World’s Lungs
by Elizabeth Dodd

By Elizabeth Dodd In the Amazon basin, you feel you are in the center of everything. You are not, of course. But for a while it feels that way. Wet heat above the rivers, trees lifting the water as high as leaves can reach, samaúma, ceiba, kapok, 300 feet up. All around you, moisture rising: more than half of the rainfall along the Amazon returns to the sky, to turn again, falling—warm rain.

Hong Kong through the Looking Glass:
Air: You Are What You Breath
by Dante Archangeli

By Dante Archangeli Recent photos from the mainland China city of Harbin show visibility reduced to 10 meters because of air pollution. The airport and schools had to be closed.  The images make Mordor look good and Hong Kong air seem almost pristine by comparison. The vice director of China's Environmental Protection Agency stated "The heavy pollution of Harbin is due to weather conditions".

Hong Kong through the Looking Glass:
Shopping: Are the Dishes Washed?
by Dante Archangeli

By Dante Archangeli The cashier asked, “Do you need a bag?” Standing in International’s much longer than normal checkout line a fellow shopper and I were chatting. Our paths had crossed a few minutes before when he’d excused himself saying he’d left his glasses at home and couldn’t read a label. Were the oranges from China? He wasn’t supposed to buy produce from China. Normally he didn’t do the shopping. But wanting to stock up on provisions with Typhoon Usagi on the way he’d been pressed into service.

Hong Kong through the Looking Glass
by Dante Archangeli

By Dante Archangeli Like Alice's, my world is getting “curiouser and curiouser”. We took off from Tucson at 7:00 Monday morning and landed in Hong Kong  at 9:00 Tuesday evening for the start of a three-year adventure.  The flight was timeless hours of shutout sunlight and psychedelic video overdose.  There was a futuristic forest planet inhabited by Will Smith as a space general and computer-created sort-of-familiar giant animals, nature-created but stranger-than-fiction Birds of Paradise in a National Geographic documentary, a Hollywood created Jackie Robinson helping to pave the way for Will’s fictional career, Jay Gatsby in a fantastical New York, and Ironman keeping the world safe for all of them.  Somewhere in all that resonant mess (given my new home) of strange but familiar and unusual but ordinary there was even a reference to James Boswell.  

Confessions of a Failed Energy Martyr
by Raymond Welch

Guest Editorial by Raymond Welch Somewhere along the ramifying pathways of the possible, I became an energy consultant. I’m not sure how that happened. Part of me thinks it’s because life proceeds haphazardly. Another part of me thinks it’s because I’m passive, irresolute, cowardly, and amoral. Now I analyze utility tariffs, natural gas prices, carbon emissions, and all the other glyphs and runes by which the hidden world of energy communicates with we who scuttle on its filmy surface. There is no refuge from my secret here.