Each issue of Terrain.org includes the UnSprawl case study, a close examination of a development that strives to put people over automobiles, reduce resource use, and create a sense of place though vernacular architecture, plazas and parks, and more. For example, check out the latest UnSprawl: Rockville Town Square in Rockville, Maryland, which creates a new, dynamic and transit-adjacent town center in place of a failed 1960s-era shopping mall.

Working with Planetizen Press, Terrain.org is putting together a full-color book of 11 updated UnSprawl case studies, plus a new one — with interviews, additional resources, and exclusive online content. To make that happen, however, Terrain.org editor-in-chief Simmons Buntin (who is writing ten of the case studies, alongside architect Ken Pirie, who is writing two) must travel to the communities, meet with the bright minds behind the innovative projects, and photograph the developments. And to make that happen, he needs to raise funds to offset travel costs.

That’s where you come in:

Using Kickstarter’s secure platform, Simmons is hoping to raise $2,500 toward travel costs through September 5th. If he doesn’t reach the funding goal, then he doesn’t receive any of the pledged funding.

What do supporters get for pledging? Depending on your pledge level, you can receive anything from a Terrain.org sticker to an electronic or print copy of the book once published, to a limited-edition photograph by Simmons, to an onsite tour of one of the projects.

Please take a moment to learn more and pledge today:


Thanks for your consideration.

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