The Electrosense of Paddlefish

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The Electrosense of PaddlefishMonday Nov.1st, 8pm FREE!

THE ELECTROSENSE OF PADDLEFISH: a multimedia piece on Water in the American West
Charles Lindsay and David Rothenberg

Frederick Loewe Theater, 35 West 4th St. NY, NY
(between Washington Sq. Park E. and Greene Street.)

Why did Floyd Dominy draw the instructions for how to blow up the Glen Canyon Dam on a napkin? It was his greatest creation as director of the US Bureau of Land Management. What did he know about the evils of damming the West?

This is the premiere of a live multimedia performance interpreting the complex environmental, political and social issues involving water and the Western United States.  From the frontier days to 21st century silicon valley, water has been a lifeblood, transforming the western half of our nation from desert and wilderness into a booming region requiring vast quantities of this precious liquid resource — which westerners will stop at nothing to get.

Music:  Lindsay’s pristine and processed field recordings, live electric cello and Moog guitar. Rothenberg on clarinets and overtone flutes, live explorations of found sounds and words depicting the strange struggle of water to fight back against those who would try to control it.

Video: From May through August, 2010 Lindsay traveled the west capturing video of all things affected by water. Locations included Las Vegas, Fort Peck, Mono Lake, The Hoover Dam, Idaho’s ‘Craters of the Moon’ National Monument and Silver Creek Preserve. He shot Yellowstone Park’s geysers and forest fire remnants, Paddlefish snagging, The Mermaid Bar in Great Falls, the open pit copper mine in Butte, which is the United States largest Super Fund site. He shot Noah’s Ark at a Creationist Dinosaur Museum, industrial irrigation, an abandoned depression era farm, water coolers and truck stops and 75 million year old ocean beds.

The remixed video projection is structured in eight parts for a forty minute improvised performance. You might find out what happened to that napkin, as well as just how them leviathan paddlefish find those water fleas.

Charles Lindsay, video, moog guitar, electric cello, electronics
David Rothenberg, clarinets, electronics
Chen Serfaty + Liron Unreich, video editing and production

This is the closing event of Ear to the Earth, an annual festival of sound and music devoted to the environment, which is sponsored by the Electronic Music Foundation.

Maggie Payne and Andrea Polli are also appearing in this concert.

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