Recommended Reads
by Nathaniel Brodie

By Nathaniel Brodie Nathaniel Brodie's essay “Earth, Rock, and Craft on The Grand Canyon Trail Crew" appeared in's Issue 32. Here, Brodie shares a few of the books that have influenced his writing: A River Runs Through It by Norman Maclean, Teddy Roosevelt and the River of Doubt by Candace Miller, and Crow: From the Life and Songs of the Crow by Ted Hughes.

Announcing Issue 32: Craft

Spring 2013 Issue Issue 32 features a guest editorial by Mark Sofield; interview with New Urbanism founder Andrés Duany; Massachusetts' BioMap2 Conservation Road Map as the Unsprawl case study; a 15-sequence Utah poem by Christopher Cokinos with accompanying photographs by Stephen Trimble; Kate Protage's dynamic "Urban Slice" painting series as the ARTerrain gallery; poetry by David Wagoner, Maureen Kingston, Susana H. Case, Al Maginnes, Jenny Morse, Julie Lein, and Lauren Eggert-Crowe; an online chapbook from Dezhou, China with images and audio by Jeevan Narney; Nathaniel Brodie on earth, craft, and rock on the Grand Canyon Trail Crew; Tamie Marie Fields on fishing in Uyak Bay, Alaska; Mark Spitzer on pursuing the seven-foot gar; Julene Bair on farming above the Ogalalla Aquifer; fiction by David Rose, Steve Edwards, and Katie Rogin; reviews; and more!