Third Culture World

Craig Reinbold Reviews The Chalk Circle: Intercultural Prizewinning Essays, Edited by Tara L. Masih In these pages, we’re allowed to revel in a real diversity of stories, and discover that there are no easy answers. These essays exude a realistic—and often troubling—ambiguity, an ambiguity inherent in the process of constructing a genuine intercultural identity. Intercultural being the choice word here.

Replica Versus Reality

Andrew C. Gottlieb reviews Recapture and Other Stories, by Erica Olsen Recapture & Other Stories is a compact volume that compares the real and the replica, memory and the object, preservation and isolation, all amid the geology and geography of the Southwestern desert of the United States. In publishing this first collection of short fiction from writer Erica Olsen, Torrey House Press has produced a gem.

The Pleasure of a Long Conversation

Simmons B. Buntin Reviews Earth Works: Selected Essays, by Scott Russell Sanders The essays in Earth Works are anything but overwhelming, anything but pigeonholed into some endlessly debatable category of writing. What they are, rather, is a rich mix of beautifully crafted and progressive pieces that engage the reader in a long conversation.