Terrain.org on Grist Blog’s “In Cities Is the Preservation of the World” Discussion

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Terrain.org was recently featured on the Grist Blog’s (Gristmill) “In Cities Is the Preservation of the Word” discussion thread.

Specifically, one of the commentors said:

A wealth of Metro-Natural Lit

“For anyone who is not familiar with it; if there is a central hub on urban nature writing I believe it is terrain.org, the free online journal of the built and natural environments. I’m a big fan of the site. This is a journal that kind of evolved from the terra nova journal of the early nineties.

“If you look at their contributor’s list, it can act as a who’s who of the sub-genre.

“I think it has some of the best literature that addresses all of the five thematic questions that Ms. Price suggested, as well as several that she didn’t. It also has a complete archive of all it’ past issues available.

“There is such a wealth of great work here that it may change your opinion that not much is being written on the issue.”

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Terrain.org is the world’s first online journal of place, publishing a rich mix of literature, artwork, case studies, and more since 1997.