Terrain.org Editor-in-Chief Launches One-Car Town Blog

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Terrain.org is pleased to announce — and invites you to read and follow — the new blog of editor-in-chief Simmons Buntin: One-Car Town: Logging the one-car lifestyle in new suburbia:


One-Car Town tracks Simmons’s experience living without a car in suburban Tucson, Arizona. He and his family live in the community of Civano; he works full-time about 16 miles away, at the University of Arizona, though also edits Terrain.org. Recently he and his wife sold their two cars, dumping their monthly payments in favor of a trusty used Honda Accord. That’s the family ride.

Simmons now carpools and takes the bus to work, a big switch after driving solo for the last eleven years. Why the change? That’s
what this blog is about: to explore the social, economic, and environmental factors of pursuing simplicity in a one-car-per-family lifestyle.

Won’t you come along for the ride?


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