She’s Going to Be Beautiful

She’s going to be beautiful as she goes,
isn’t she? Gorgeous plumes of cinder
blooming rose in dying light. She’s going

to give a stunning show. The melting ice,
the slow decay of zones. Our drones
will play it all in full HD, and lavish insult

on the injury. All the satellite imagery.
The National Geo photography. She’s
going to be calendar worthy stuff

if ever again a calendar there be.
Like forcing someone to disrobe
and wishing you don’t want to watch.

The moon will touch her everywhere goodbye.
An elephant—the last—inelegantly,
will pass in a savanna gleaming gold.

The cloud formations no one’s ever
seen, in towers shimmering with ash,
we will no longer wonder to behold.

Coastal cities under sea. She will be
beautiful, of course she will. And




Todd BossTodd Boss has sold all his stuff, quit his lease, and is house-sitting his way around the world, currently in Europe. His books are published by W. W. Norton & Co.
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Header photo by Andy Fox Photography, courtesy Shutterstock. Photo of Todd Boss by Mallory Capri Henson. Music track with audio reading: Todd Boss, vocals, John Hermanson, audio.

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2 Responses

  1. Troon Harrison

    An hour ago, I finished reading Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver, which also focuses on fire and flood. Todd, your poem is like a blow from a martial arts masters: beautiful, focused, elegant, and painful to receive. The line The moon will touch her everywhere goodbye, brought tears to my eyes.

    • Todd Boss

      Thanks, Troon. I’m glad you were moved by this poem. Help me share it with others, in the hopes that it touches them too.

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