Old Roads, New Stories: Why There's More to the Story, by Rob Carney

Why There’s More to the Story

By Rob Carney

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Old Roads, New Stories: A Literary Series

Because the Supreme Court is deciding whether to treat LGBTQ citizens as lesser-than, and the Misjudgment-in-Chief wants the Court to end DACA, and Hans Christian Anderson could have used a better ending, and November (Thanksgiving) seems like a good time to try telling his story again:

The Ugly Duckling

What happens in the next generation
when the ducklings of this one

have grown up knowing
swans are swans, and the sun

doesn’t care about whose feathers,
and the pond has no opinion

about whose feet come paddling,
what kind or color they are?

This is where the story
should jump-cut: to an old duck

quacking through a microphone
and seeing the backs of its audience

moving on,
just wakes in the water.

Geese fly over in their own V, leaving,
so gratefully out of earshot.

Even the Wind’s in a rush to be out of there
and gone.



Rob CarneyRob Carney’s new book The Book of Sharks is available now from Black Lawrence Press. Previous books include 88 Maps, Story Problems, and Weather Report.
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Header photo by hansbenn, courtesy Pixabay.

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