Why We Have Cats

By Rob Carney

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Old Roads, New Stories: A Literary Series

Why We Have Cats

Sometimes it’s almost sad to know you’re dying.
The old bed frame out in the front yard, tossed,

while the weekend joggers jog on by…
even all the squirrels uncurious.

The weeds don’t care you’re getting rid of things;
they’re a million indifferent persistences.

Still, these are the jobs—the sorting and stacking,
the doing-what-you-can about the fence,

and so you do. But also love someone
as much as cats love sunlight: all afternoon

and then again the next day. Geniuses.
What’s left on the to-do list? What’s a list?

But what if it starts raining? We’ll go in.
How do I know you love me? Here’s my chin.



Rob CarneyRob Carney’s first collection of creative nonfiction, Accidental Gardens, is out now from Stormbird Press, and his new book of poems, Call and Response, is available from Black Lawrence Press. Previous books include Facts and FiguresThe Last Tiger is Somewhere, The Book of Sharksand 88 Maps

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Header photo by Dariusz Sankowski, courtesy Pixabay.

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