Dandelion seedhead on black background

Two Poems by Suzanne S. Rancourt

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concentric interpretation

two ants carry the dead
over rocks,
calcite viscera
connecting roots and arid plants to soil
they worked together
like their race
depended on it



This Forest Is Thick With Life,
  And Painted Green With Shadows

Dandelion seeds swarm—hover—
comet along the Forget-Me-Not Milky Way
their star blossoms
nebula around the stone alter at the Lodge

Rain smells before Thunder arrives
precedes wind that scatters mosquitos
drives Mayflies onto coffee cup lids
twists branches—forces leaves to belly up

Struck by reflection at how all this moves through
the plane that makes it so
the “As” in “As Above, So Below”
but what is that, this space, that turns into this

Forget-Me-Nots spill their poured path to follow
Dandelions together even when dispersed
incidents constellate
Christmas, 1975

Love—I would rather have some than none



Suzanne S. RancourtSuzanne S. Rancourt is of Abenaki/Huron descent. Her books are Billboard in the Clouds (Northwestern University Press), which won the Native Writers’ Circle of the Americas First Book Award, murmurs at the gate (Unsolicited Press), and Old Stones, New Roads (Main Street Rag Publishing, 2021). She is a U.S. Marine Corps and Army veteran.

Header photo by Bellezza87, courtesy Pixabay.

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