The Ancient Ones: An Audio Feature

By Valorie Grace Hallinan

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From Where I Stand: An Audio Series

In “The Ancient Ones,” join Valorie as she watches orcas on a trip to the Olympic Peninsula, a land where the Makah tribe views whales as their ancestors, and the killer whales possess mysteries of the spirit we’re only beginning to understand.

Asja and Sebree
Asja and Sebree make an appearance.
Photo by Valorie Grace Hallinan.

The flute in this episode is “Breath of Life,” from Peaceful Journey, composed and performed by Jefferson Svengsouk and produced by Celestial Light Show (2015). The music is used by permission.

From Where I Stand” is a audio series written and narrated by Valorie Grace Hallinan in which she follows our connection to the places we call home. Each audio essay explores the nexus between the built and natural environments, often building on the words of other writers, artists, and thinkers. Listeners will join Valorie for a brief, restorative journey, making connections that inspire greater care for their home, whatever environment that may be.



Valorie Grace Hallinan has been an editor of educational books for children and young adults and a clinical librarian. Her poetry has appeared in Origins, Great Lakes Review, Verse-Virtual, and other publications. She blogs at Books Can Save a Life and is currently at work on a memoir. Read an interview with Valorie at Creative Nonfiction.

Photo of orcas courtesy Pixabay.

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