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William C. Burns, Jr.


Winter White Sunrise

White opal clouds
Frame the translucent face
   of a fresh winter Sun
Set like Pearl
   on a rim of dark mountains



The Years

The years wear
        down the mountain
Time has such tiny teeth


William C. Burns, Jr. (Millennium Artist) phased into existence in  Washington, DC, circa early 1950s, putting him on the trailing edge to the beautiful people of the late sixties.  Clearly he watched way too much Dobie Gillis and idolized Maynard (Shaggy from Scooby-Do).  Bill is a strange confluence of degreed electrical and biomedical engineer, graphic artist, actor, playwright, poet, father, and husband, but his first love is poetry (OK, the kids are more important than poetry, but it runs a close second.  He has published prose in intermix, ..ad infinitum, and others, and poetry at Cross Section, Gravity:  A Journal of Online Writing, Morpo Review, and others.  He also won the reader´s choice award at Third Horizon.  "I am calling for a balance between Art and Engineering, Rhyme and Reason, Yin and Yang," he says.  "Other than that I like to hike, do set design and act in plays, and drive on the Blueridge Parkway."

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