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William C. Burns, Jr.


The Escher Prophesies and the Starfire Children

In that distant
future day
The day of the Starfire Children
The Escher prophesies
will come to pass
As surely they must

The Phoenix Children
will arise from our ashes
to ripen anew
In a world gone Escher
Where their feet
turn into grasses
The grasses
become fish
The fish
become birds
And the birds
change into the darkness
between the stars
And the stars...

In that day
That avid
laser sharp day
will be acknowledged
as part of Everything
And everyone will come to know...
to treasure
Their part in the ecological tapestry dance
Of the ever opening Fractal Universe




I don't know just how she got there
But suddenly there she was
Sitting in the dew speckled glass
at arm's length
under a sky ariotous with stars
Chocolate-amber eyes
sable hair braided across her shoulder
and down the front
Strong in the set of her head
and the way she moved
She regarded me

I'm an ecologist
she said
And I laughed
which must have amused her

The environmentalists
want me to die
she said
But I believe we can build a world
where people fit into the ecosystem
Kinda like puzzle sex
Where everything scrunches and nuzzles
into everything

It's all Plato's fault
All that Left Hemispheric rhetoric
It split the soul of human kind
leaving half bleeding
and half in denial
He and his band of pseudo intellectual thugs
Painfully extruded the organic Beauty
of the Real World
Through their colorless filters
Until it occupied some insignificant corner
behind the yellowed parchment
of one of his "greater" speeches
She said

You see
If humans are not of this world
if this world is not Real
Then it's OK
to look at trees as board feet
to look at whales as oil on the fin
to look at people as sacks of saltwater
No wonder he believed
we all live in a cave
Caves are quite nice really
but I digress...

She turned
Lost in thought
Sitting in the dew speckled glass
at arm's length
under a sky ariotous with stars


William C. Burns, Jr. (Millennium Artist) phased into existence in  Washington, DC, circa early 1950s, putting him on the trailing edge to the beautiful people of the late sixties.  Clearly he watched way too much Dobie Gillis and idolized Maynard (Shaggy from Scooby-Do).  Bill is a strange confluence of degreed electrical and biomedical engineer, graphic artist, actor, playwright, poet, father, and husband, but his first love is poetry (OK, the kids are more important than poetry, but it runs a close second.  He has published prose in intermix, ..ad infinitum, and others, and poetry at Cross Section, Gravity:  A Journal of Online Writing, Morpo Review, and others.  He also won the reader´s choice award at Third Horizon.  "I am calling for a balance between Art and Engineering, Rhyme and Reason, Yin and Yang," he says.  "Other than that I like to hike, do set design and act in plays, and drive on the Blueridge Parkway."

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