Q5. What role does Terrain.org play?

Technical Work

A recent Terrain.org UnSprawl Case Study: Baja
California Sur's Villages of Loreto Bay.

Technical work appearing in Terrain.org includes:

The journal's articles often delve into the art of place-making, focusing on specific projects. For example, Terrain.org's "Symbiosis" issue, No. 23, includes "One Green Thing Leads to Another: Sustainability at the Pringle Creek Community" by Jim Fitzsimons and "Building and Dwelling in the Mountains: The Sage Mountain Center Story" by Kathryn Bundy.

The UnSprawl case study is a deeper analysis of a community or project that is notably pedestrian-oriented. Check out the comprehensive study of the Villages of Loreto Bay in Baja California Sur, Mexico, for example.

My hope is that site visitors who come for the literary work explore our more technical contributions, and vice versa.

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