Building Sawbill, by Jennifer Case

Building Sawbill
by Jennifer Case

  Early into my infatuation with Sawbill, while I am still living in Nebraska, I come across a simple metaphor that Lawrence Buell, an environmental critic, uses to think about place. I find the descripti... Read More...
Three Poems by Jeff Gundy

Three Poems
by Jeff Gundy

  Click button above to hear Jeff Gundy introduce and read this poem, or click here to download the poem in .mp3 format. Palanga Stintas 2015   And in Palanga today one can find smelts baked o... Read More...

by Chris Gordon Owen

  I was at a wooden entry door. As far as I recall, I didn’t notice the structure around it at the time, except to take in the fact that the door was set into an outer wall. In other words, it was ostensi... Read More...