Making Our Way to Boston for AWP

By Simmons Buntin If you’re one of the other 11,000 writers, editors, publishers, educators, and friends who will be in Boston this week for the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) annual conference, I hope you’ll join us at one of's happenings: our Bookfair table (R18), contributor signings, and our "Wild Lives / Raucous Pens" literary reading. It will be, as they say, the bomb! Also, this starts the first of what I hope will be daily AWP blog updates. A sample: So what does an editor such as myself bring to read on such a journey? A handful of unread creative nonfiction submissions, the latest issues of Poets & Writers and Outdoor Photography, and a handful of poetry books I’ve been meaning to read over the last 18 months or so, including In the Songbird Laboratory, by Lauren Eggert-Crowe, Heavenly Bodies, by Cynthia Huntington, Tropicalia, by Emma Trelles, Beyond Heart Mountain, by Lee Ann Roripaugh, and Blue Horses Rush In, by Luci Tapahonso. I just finished Derek Sheffield’s  Through the Second Skin, which is just wonderful. I’m looking forward to these other collections, and find airplane flights, with their strange white noise, to be perfect venues for reading verse. 15th Anniversary Reading Redux

Better late than never, as they say! At the AWP conference -- March 3, 2012 -- held its 15th Anniversary Reading, hosted by nonfiction editor Joshua Foster and featuring readings by Elizabeth Dodd, Kathryn Miles, Lauret Savoy, and Andrew Wingfield. Now you have the opportunity to listen to these wonderful folk.