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Jessy Randall


City Dream

This is the place
of my dream: the tall
buildings, and on this side
nothing, or trees, or a backwards sky.

I know I walked here,
but I was going the other way—
the colors were less intense, and
someone was walking with me,

not singing "Love is Wonderful,"
not bursting into song,
not with a new apartment,
mysterious and unseen.


Jessy Randall is the women's history curator at the Library Company in Philadelphia.  Her poems have appeared online in Blue Moon Review and in print in Mudfish and Antietam Review.  Ms. Randall has also written articles on slang for Verbatim: The Language Quarterly.  The 2River Press recently published Ms. Randall's Dorothy Surrenders, an online illustrated collection of poems relating to Oz and other imaginary worlds.

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