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Hazel Kahan


Know Water


No water Drought, thirst, dessication

Scary water Angry, rushing, roaring, gushing, brimming, spilling. Overflowing. Deep and

Gentle water Placid, free.
Soothing, splashing, spraying, sprinkling
Trickling, bubbling, squirting too

      keep falling

Annoying waterDrip, drip, broken, brown

Healing water Refreshing, quenching, plumping, soaking

Evil water Cauldron, sewage, brackish, swamp. Exxon Valdez

Water, water, e v e r y w h e r e
andnotadrop to drink

Frustrated waterSprawl-strangled, level-seeking, restless, discontent


Clear, cloudy, stagnant, pure, distilled, contaminated

( From sea to shining sea)

Soaking, drenching, freezing
moist, humid & damp

Still, falling, flowing, rising, high tide, low tide, ebb and flow
cascading, circulating, waterforms

Crystal, droplet, snow, ice, slush,
hail, dew, steam, wave, mist & frost

              You can lead a horse to water but

River, stream, pond & lake
ocean, inlet, bay & sea
tributary, sound & creek
spring & pool, wadi, well
waterfall, puddle & pool

Underground, in-ground, heavens above

Naya, Polish Spring, Perrier, more
(Still or sparkling? sparkling, please)

            sink or swim sink or swim sink or
            swim sink or swimsink or swim sink or swim sink
            or swim sink or swim

Torrent, monsoon, shower, storm
downpour, typhoon, tempest, squall

Temperature of blood and room
ice - cold, lukewarm, boiling, cool
tepid, scalding, melting, chilled

              Dilute with half a cup of water.
              Rinse until clear.

Sweat, drool, blood & tears & piss

Bottle, gallon, jug & pint
kettle, faucet, glass & cup

Gutters. Sewers. Hoses. Drains.
tubs, sinks, dams and buckets

              Scotch and.
              Thank you, please

              Into every life a little rain must fall


Servant, master, enemy, friend, teacher, spirit, force

Don't know water at all.


Hazel Kahan used to be a driven, goal-oriented, New York market researcher who interviewed people all over the world and wrote reports about them for corporate executives. She is now a bucolic fiction writer who has just discovered that there really are four seasons.
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