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Jerry H. Jenkins


To the Embarking Colonists

Remember Earth and this soft April air;
it's something you can never synthesize
when you're between the stars and realize
you're never coming back. Your atmosphere
enroute is sterile, odorless, and where
you're going isn't any greater prize.
Remember Earth.

Take one more moment. Days like these are rare.
Recall today, Earth's seasons and its skies.
We give them to you now, so in your care
the call of spring in mankind never dies.
Remember Earth.


Jerry H. Jenkins's poetry has appeared in printed publications and anthologies such as The Formalist, The Piedmont Literary Review, Mail Call Journal, Poetry Monthly (UK), The Devil's Millhopper, and Star*Line, where his poems were nominated for the Association's Rhysling Award.  Online publication credits include Octavo, Eclectica, and Avalon.  Mr. Jenkins has self-published several chapbooks and his award-winning chapbook Avian is published by Anamnesis Press.  A collection of 40 sonnets will appear soon in another book to be published by Anamnesis Press.
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