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Sherry Saye


Many, no millions

Many, no millions of notes,
dark fingers bare and frozen,
each reach a paint-blown curve
toward bliss, they hiss wind,
vie close hollow sound.
Too, it could be the music of you,
but it is empty brown lifted deep,
surging sweet crystalline clatter
from the warm thick river,
glistening weightless on the tips,
the very tips of twigs.



The river boulder

Roll huge, hidden boulder
alive in a deep night sound
beneath the river's flood-grinding
movement of earthly low. A show of strength
caught in my chest.
I heard it, yes.


Sherry Saye currently lives in Colorado.  An environmentalist, she enjoys native landscaping and frequently hikes the Rockies to the highest points her youngest child is able to reach.  She is a contributing editor at Acme Poets and has recently been published in the Colorado Springs Independent and in several online journals, including Zuzu's Petals Quarterly, Perihelion, Poetrynow, and Melic Review.  Now and then, she reads with the Bare Knuckle Poets down in the Springs.
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