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Robert Hill Long


For the Sellers and Buyers of the Book

Or else this: you choose to make your hands home to nothing but themselves. You keep them minimally employed: allow them a few tools, charge them with gathering food and defending you. And your eyes, you can avert them. You can choose not to look into the thin dirty faces, no law requires you to remain here reading off the names.

For like Jews, this country, too, often ends up ignored, sold into ill usage. Crowded and stacked, concentrated in lightless places, not to re-emerge the same way it went in.

Remaindered in a pillar of smoke.



Robert Hill Long is the author of five books or poetry and flash fiction, including The Kilim Dreaming, The Effigies, and The Work of the Bow. His work has been awarded a number of prizes and fellowships, and has appeared in journals across North America. He lives and works in western Oregon, and maintains an archive of published but uncollected works at http://roberthilllong.wordpress.com.
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