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Jason Myers


Listen to Jason Myers read "Spring Songs:"

Spring Songs

The geese, Eurydice, do not remind me of you.
They remind me of going away from you, how
I used to go to Austin or Buenos Aires for a gig,
and come back with bracelets from street vendors
to adorn your white wrists, those jasmine blossoms
I loved to put to my lips, my nose.

Our time together was fragrant fierce.
May afternoons, we’d sleep under a cherry tree,
evenings you’d stand by the stove and hum Cole Porter melodies
while mushrooms gathered the secrets of wine.
I think the cherry tree bows
in prayer for you. Its petals float in a jar on my desk.

Lake Champlain’s a black-and-white film, austere, serious,
I drink wine your father made and have no cares.
Once we sat in a vineyard
and pulled pistachios from their shells,
the way light will always pull us from the dark.
Stars fill our mouths until we’re full.

Though it’s winter, I already tremble
by the lily beds, how their spring songs will remind me of you,
how I’ll come once more
to the giving earth and ask it to give.



Listen to Jason Myers read "A chaque touche, je risque ma vie.:"

“A chaque touche, je risque ma vie.”

— Paul Cezanne

With each touch, I risk my life.
Hammered out like notes of heaven,
light builds along the river, the villages.
I’ve spoken to no one in days.
Little blue-green freckles of mold
litter the lemons I put in a bowl
by the window where I smoke and
wish I could go back to Paris.
Last night I chopped the head off
a trout from the creek behind
my house. Its eyes yellowed me
as I removed bones, heated butter.
In a sauce of black olives and green
peppers, I almost couldn’t taste
those eyes. They stain me.
With each touch, I begin my life.
Now I will go out into the fields,
cut blood-orange irises, fill a glass,
then stare myself back into grace.



Jason Myers is a native of the Cumberland Valley in western Maryland. A graduate of Bennington College, he received an MFA from NYU, and is currently FTE Fellow at the Candler School of Theology at Emory University. An avid (vegetable) gardener, his work has appeared or is forthcoming in Agni, Cortland Review, Ecotone, Indiana Review, The Paris Review, Web Conjunctions, West Branch, and others.
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