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Linda Umans


Sic transit linhelen7

This is no country for almost-old women so they imply when I call Tech Support
and they use exclusionary and alarming terms like fatal error and corrupt cookie.
Who would have thought at this stage of life I would find a mouse guide and all
kinds of keys. When I e-mail my poet-friend and tell her I found something on here
and she asks Where? which she inevitably does, I tell her There is a there there
and she gets the reference but isn’t having any of it. Says My Mac is a utility, not
a dream box, while I’ve gone through the techno-millennial looking glass where
I intend to grow really old and as contented as possible.

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Linda Umans enjoyed a long career teaching in the NYC public schools. Recent publications include poems in Beauty/Truth : Journal of Ekphrastic Poetry, qarrtsiluni, Waterways, and a piece in Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood. She is an ardent traveler and a native of Manhattan where she lives, studies, works.
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