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Dorine Jennette


Listen to Dorine Jennette read this poem:


— for Teggin and Robert Summers

Swallows gather at the lakemouth’s fog:

     nearly the hour of speech.

Under the shoreline gazebo’s beams,

fan blades tick the light chain, keeping time

     until the bridesmaids’ heels

commence their clicking to a string quartet.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered

     by the creak of folding chairs, green voices

from the shadows on the lawn.

How will she arrive, the bride, her long, long train?

     Aboard a craft of wooden wheels,

into the flower girl’s beckoning blooms;

stems crushed in the carriage spokes

     release their scents to the groom.

Love, hold, honor, cherish, until: I will—

from willan: I apply my will and I wish, desire—

     spilled on the tongue of the lake,

tasted in that slower world.



Dorine Jennette (formerly Dorine Preston) has published poems, essays, and reviews in journals such as The Journal, Ninth Letter, Memorious, Coconut, Court Green, and the Georgia Review. She earned her Ph.D. in English at the University of Georgia, and now earns her keep as a copyeditor for university presses. She lives in Davis, California.

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