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Anca Vlasopolos


Tardy Bugs

this october warm haze cheats
us into hallucinating summer
roses pump up sparse buds with a fury that would
give cabbage blooms if this weather went on
bumblebees nap on gaura flowers bending swaying
on filaments

the afternoon blushes
an efflorescence
inexplicable numbers fill the air
settle on brick on white door as if on sandy beaches
                                              in the Bahamas
eyeing rapacious eyes staring from leaves of the crabapple
that now is animate with screams and jostlings
i urge these absurd polka-dot balls underground
you don’t know what’s coming and if you all get caught
by a frost, get picked out by beaks like coins thrown among
crowds what’ll happen in spring when the ants will shepherd
their aphid flocks up the tenderest shoots i say as i brush them
away from the crack of the door
they bursting orange then gathering themselves into
compact hemispheres soaking soaking the last of the sun



In This Dark Season

what crystals in this white violet
refract like snow
in sun
so flower glitters
on window sill
while all
the ones outdoors
have drooped
under lead breath
of frost

what inner fold
within this bulb
to send
for now just speartip
of hope
for a resplendence

what drives
these cactus
spare thorny
seeming tortured
to push forth
as if between
spread thighs
twin buds
that will
like bells


Anca Vlasopolos has a novel, The New Bedford Samurai, forthcoming from Twilight Times Books; has published Penguins in a Warming World (poetry collection), Ragged Sky Press, 2007; No Return Address: A Memoir of Displacement (Columbia University Press, 2000), awarded the YMCA Writer’s Voice Grant for Creative Non-Fiction in 2001, the Wayne State University Board of Governors Award, and the Arts Achievement Award in 2002; poetry chapbooks, Through the Straits, at Large and The Evidence of Spring; and a detective novel, Missing Members; as well as over 200 poems and short stories, one of which was nominated for the 2006 Pushcart Prize, in literary magazines such as The Rambler, Porcupine, Typo, poeticdiversity, Perigee, and Poetry International.

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