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Lynn Strongin


I Did Not Live My Childhood in this Country

(the childhood I carried up in a blue footlocker, a dark truck & a few valises)
this country bares its breast to the onslaught like a woman to love.

As river-ice is stored in sawdust, so my dark & my bright memories
of music in that river city.

        Up & down the coast shutters are closing, indigo on ivory:
        the rabbit hunters are transformed
        in drops of rain, I see them risen, ice in their ear flaps.
                Snow opens the old wounds
The actors take their places,
The prompter, marionette-like, gestures from the wings: The word marionette comes from the Catholic church

                        While I order flowers for Mol whom God took home over the weekend, you stand,
                        a young nun, giving a five-day weather forecast yet another morning.




The jimble-jamble of morning:
your socks, my socks,
hot water pig

the water glasses, yours & mine:        the nite-lite with the little fillaments like thread-things;
across the continent down South again taking up smoking

at Duck Pond.
The jimb-jambs.
People pooling in our lobby talking of a death over the weekend.
Linked wooden train:
while Mol in her high glory is laid to rest.

We are low to earth. In need of some sighting.
Bring back legs & autumn:                 leaves applauding. An armistice if not the war won.

Dog-Berry Apple Jelly 2000 muscles in the wrist of the body jimgle-jamgle music:
the child, the girl, light shines thru the muscle in the arm, the incandescent daily.


Lynn Strongin is an American poet living in Canada. She has published seven books of poetry, is a four-time Pushcart Prize nomineer, and has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies, most recently in the award-winning Visiting Emily: Poems Inspired by the Life & Work of Emily Dickinson. She has published an anthology, The Sorrow Psalms: A Book of Twentieth Century Elegy, and has two forthcoming books: The Girl With Copper Colored Hair (Conflux Press) and Rembrandt's Smock (Plain View Press).
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