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Elizabeth Aamot



I have never seen anything like it.
on the bathroom wall
in the dank box
of my father’s house
that place
              where the air curls with smoke
              always. It has been there
for years, and despite the filth, the twisting
disgust boiling in my gut, I can’t
disturb it. I think it will
                                 hang there forever:

this dome of cobwebs, round and heavy
with dust, this grand marquee, this temple—
the perfect cathedral of spiders.


Elizabeth Aamot was 2005 Poet Laureate of the University of California. She is currently co-editing The Eye of the Beholder: A Poets' Gallery, an anthology of ekphrastic verse, with Maurya Simon. Her poems have most recently appeared in Naranjas y Nopales and Ready2Rock. She lives in Riverside, California, and teaches English at San Bernardino Valley College and creative writing at Idyllwild Arts Academy.
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