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Timothy A. Somers



I dream the Malpais,
most alien of places.

I saw the Valley of the Fires,
with its twisted, angled faces
of my friends carved into
basalt spires that reach forever into
natured, frozen stone more eloquent
and elegant than man's invented art,
or grasps of sculptured steel.
I dream the elements of art I know are real.

Volcanic thrusts of stone I stood before
invade my sleep to make it seem
last night was more the dragon's keep
comprised of love and words,
outpouring omens
of the deep and shifting magma that I now ride
on through the night to grow intact,
my long ride back from inner fires,
a furnace of the scope to melt pure stone,
I do not ride alone.

Lone painted rider in the night,
single eye provides the light through
which to view the circled stones,
the runes of sherry-wine blessed hues,
the gold and silver fused with
regal ladies dressed in red,
and formed of molten force of nature's

Faces in my head, far away but near
instead upon a dreaming hill and desert
that I know by wild night's cry.
Promises unkept,
dreams alive and swept by winds
felt far below the earth I dream,
the curls and swirls of changes in my self,
I seek rebirth.

You blended in my dreams,
I dream the Malpais.


Timothy A. Somers is the creator and managing editor of Acme Poets and Plumbing Supply Company, Ltd.  When not writing poetry, Mr. Somers is an enterprise strategist in the Fortune 500 world.  He has been published in various literary journals, and enjoys Website development and related Internet endeavors.

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