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Richard O'Connell


Perils of Conservation

"We find them broken, bleeding on the sand,"
The girl sighed, scooping up sea turtle eggs
Like so many golf balls from the pit
She'd dug up with her bare hands, moving back
The turtle nest from the encroaching tide.
"The foxes come at night and dig them up.
What can we do?" She turned her scarlet face,
"The foxes are endangered species too."  


Richard O'Connell lives in Hillsboro Beach, Florida. Collections of his poetry include RetroWorlds, Simulations, Voyages, and The Bright Tower, all published by the University of Salzburg Press (now Poetry Salzburg). His poems have appeared in The New Yorker, The Atlantic Monthly, Margie, National Review, The Texas Review, Acumen, The Formalist, Light, and others. His most recent collections are American Obits, Fractals, and Dawn Crossing.

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