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DB Cox



roadside attraction—
a peepshow
for three ceramic angels
casting pallid eyes on
a weed-covered yard
of wrecked cars
& a one-eyed cat

lying under
a front-porch swing
that dangles
from a single chain
like a hanged man
long past
the last-second call
that never came—

a derelict mockingbird
rests on the rusty frame
of a ‘64 mustang
& sings songs
stolen from
an unknown bluesman—

one-time resident
of minor works
old times
old people
& things disowned


DB Cox is a blues musician/writer from South Carolina. His writing has appeared in Underground Voices, Thunder Sandwich, Dublin Quarterly, Aesthetica, Bonfire, Gator Springs Gazette, Heat City Review, Snow Monkey, Southern Hum, Southern Gothic, and others. He has had three chapbooks of poetry published: Passing For Blue (published by Rank Stranger Press), Lowdown, and Ordinary Sorrows (published by Pudding House Publications). Main Street Rag Publishing will publish his first full-length poetry collection, Empty Frames, in October 2006.

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