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Lois Beebe Hayna


Eye of the Beholder

Our last glimpse was all green—
the trees, the gray-green slats of the gate,
lively with foliage billowing through.
My last glance back, I saw
the green-gold flash of the serpent
slithering down into dewy grass.

I wouldn't go back through that gate
if He suddenly forgave. Already
the shifts of scene and possibility
excite me, the day ahead
dazzles like treasure. If He’s checking on
our exile, if He’s starting to see for Himself
the joys of the possible but unpredictable,
He has to be green with envy.


Lois Beebe Hayna views the world from her Colorado Springs herb garden with a mixture of joy and wry disbelief. Her latest collection is titled Keeping Still.

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