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G.L. Pettigrew



At the ending was the word
and the word was: Waste
And the word was: Fire
Was: Chainsaw
And the forests fell
The ground scorched, dried to asphalt
The monkeys howled
At the ending was the word
and the word was: The pangs of birth
the gape of hungry infants
Was: The hack of plows
And the rivers where twisted and drained
And the earth was rent; parrots and lianas
orchids fell into the chasm
At the ending was the word
And the word was: Plague
Was: the roar of engines
And the first borns died
And crops became dust
The voice of the pigeon deafened the land
and Brownsnakes dropped from the skies
poisoned paradise, strangled Eden
Swallowed angels
And Wise man emerged as master
of chaos. Ruler of weeds.


G. L. Pettigrew has published in Red River Review, Red Ink, Cafe Bellas Arts, Poet's at Moonspinner's, and Bluesap; and his work has appeared in anthologies by Golden Apple Press and Native West Press. He won an International Poet of the Year award from the International Library of Poetry and has published This is Only a Test, an online book with GreenLight Productions (2002). He has been a featured reader at Moonspinner's Cafe, the Warrensburg Art Festival, and Slam Miami V.
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