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Kemeny Babineau


Upper Canada, 1800-1840

Chaos of trees at first, inscrutable

                                                  leaves obscure

                      what we left

                      behind the Rising



Now its life in the clearing

hair like wheat\ in ruffles of wind

downcast potato eyes

and ears of corn

that hear

their own thin rustling


                                         With the slow stitch

                                                                        of a split-

                   rail fence, we sow

                                               a quilt

                                                       -ed field and wrap

                                                                             tight fear in



Town and Country: Now and Then

In enormous houses

practically, at sea in them

                                      [like a box
our parlours empty


entry at home

in vacancy

Will weathers change-

take its toll? roll us out

on deck

Will the land                    ( (that rings us)

give us back

                    such legs?



Machinery in the woods

saplings push thru gaps

and thicken there

Not the machinery

and not even the mechanistic

that fouls

the machine shall fall in the forest

unharmed, warblers

perch upon it


above it

Rust heap grows

under it

industrious ants

rebuild it


Kemeny Babineau is a rural Canadian poet from southern Ontario. He has published 7 chapbooks and been in several anthologies, the latest of which is The Great Lakes logia, published by Broken Jaw Press.
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