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John Heckman


Great Blue Heron

Primal and primitive
the echo spoke
mother wind swooshed
her wishes
leaves turned-up the volume
silent wings
of slate gray
graceful prehistoric,
stealth stalker
still like a pink plastic yard flamingo
till the bullfrogs croaked.


Autumnal Fabric

Out-stretched necks,
flying jazz musicians'
finely feathered
tuxedo's pressed into
heralding the change

Thick thatch
choking greens to brown
Striped blister beetles
hunkered-down between
dried blades
of Kentucky 31

Whorled loosestrife
fallen star-like flowers
of yellow axile-stalk
sway with Mother's
morning chill-whisper

A well-dressed Pileated
Woodpecker stands knee deep
in skim-coated ice bath
suet shines his black beak
and a nuthatch clings
on graying limb of red-tip
photina with seed in beak

Blue awning with puffy
pima cotton pillows and lawn
patina parting striations
harvest equinox, a brilliant
lasting luster
seeds of Indian sunset
will grow another day.


John Heckman currently enjoys sculpting in metal arts, repairing wooden boats, and playing in the Chesapeake Bay. He has been published in Samsara, Supralurid, Poetry Magazine, La Petite Zine, Thunder Sandwich, the Hold, and NYCPoetry.
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