Soundscapes: The Podcast

Soundscapes Episode 1: The Consciousness of the Streets

Soundscapes: The Podcast
Soundscapes Episode 1: The Consciousness of the Streets
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The Podcast Curated by Miranda Perrone

In our inaugural episode of Soundscapes, Miranda talks to Kathleen Dean Moore about her involvement in the Permanent People’s Tribunal for Human Rights trial of fracking. While delving into the global impacts of fracking and climate change, Kathleen’s unique eloquence and clarity suggest that our problems do have solutions. We hope you appreciate her perspective as much as we do; enjoy the podcast.

Read Kathleen Dean Moore’s many important contributions to And be sure to check out Miranda Perrone’s 2018 interview with Kathleen Dean Moore.

More information about Kathleen and her entire body of work can be found at

Additional information about topics discussed in this podcast can be found at:


Soundscapes is a podcast curated by Miranda Perrone. In keeping with our mission, Soundscapes takes an aural approach to the search for the interface—the integration—among the built and natural environments. Thinking of this liminal zone as the soul of place, Soundscapes seeks to bring you deeper into the souls of our contributors and others passionate about place with the hope of strengthening our communities in all their multifaceted forms.
Miranda PerroneMiranda Perrone is a writer, philosopher, map-maker, and outdoor educator with an MS in Environmental Science and Policy and a BA in Philosophy. Issues related to climate change, animal rights, and the preservation of wild places are of particular interest to Miranda, whose varied work seeks to connect and inspire in service of socioecological change. is the first online literary journal of place, publishing award-winning literature, art, editorials, and community case studies since 1998.