March 9, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 10:15 am
Second Floor, Meeting Room 4 and Marriott Waterside
700 S Florida Ave
Tampa, FL 33602

Revolutions are not accidents of history. Behind every act of resistance stand the writers and writing that inspired, shaped, transformed, and actualized them—Rousseau, Paine, Hamilton, Madison, Marx, Anthony, King, Friedan, Havel. From these historical lessons we turn to the current battles for LGBTQ, women, immigrants, and the environment and discuss the role and tactics that we will need to write today’s revolution.

At this critical moment in American democracy, writers across the country are looking for ways to use their skills in service of their political causes. Here, in this panel, we seek to mesh the words that drove the revolutions of the previous centuries with the activism that is going on today, bringing in facilitators and voices from various communities that are already engaged in the fight to share their thoughts, experience, and vision for the future.

The panel includes Terrain.org editor-in-chief Simmons Buntin.

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