The Premise

Whether virtual or actual, what drives strong community and a sustainable nexus between the built and natural environments is sense of place. The purpose of this interactive position statement is to explore sense of place in the context of ecological media — for e-zines like A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments that work at the nexus of literature and environment, and otherwise. Begin by choosing a question below:

My StoryExplore sense of place:

My Story
The origins of and Ocotillo Design.

Place and sense of place definitions.

Sense of Place as Indicator
Gauging sense of place, locally and in the context of ecological media.

Virtual vs. actualVirtual vs. actual:

Virtual can replace actual, and maybe it should.

Virtual cannot replace actual, and it shouldn't, anyway.

Digital Literary Media DefinedThe place of digital literary media:

Digital Literary Media Defined
Just what is digital literary media?.

Digital Literary Media Redefined
What, furthermore, can digital literary media become, especially in the context of ecology?

Some JournalsExplore literary e-journals:

Some Journals
Some journals that foster sense of place.

Some Other Journals
Some other journals that foster sense of place.

Something Else Altogether Enticing
Journals and other sites deserve mention.

About's role:

Just the facts.

Literary Work
Literary work in

Technical Work
Technical work in

Litechnerary Work
Hybrid and integrated work.

Scenario 1Explore (and define) the future of

Scenario 1
Business as usual?

Scenario 2
A future envisioned?

Scenario 3
We don't know what we don't know, but what kind of way is that to exist?

Digital ResourcesDiscover other contributors:

Digital Resources
Platforms, technologies, mix-n-match, and other contributors to sense of place.

Place-Based Resources
Places, tools, processes, and other contributors to sense of place.

ConclusionSo there's a point to all this?

Ah, the pivotal and succinct closing we've all been waiting for....

Position Statement in Summary
Downloadable PDF of the text portions of this site.

The Questions

  1. What is "sense of place" and what does it have to do
    with ecological media?
  2. Can virtual sense of place replace actual sense of
    place? Should it?
  3. What's the actual/virtual place of digital literary media?
  4. What literary e-journals foster a sense of place?
  5. What role does play?
  6. What's the future of, as ecomedia and
  7. How do other technologies and resources contribute?
  8. What's it all mean?