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Dear America Short Papers

Dear America: Letters of Hope, Habitat, Defiance, and Democracy

Here’s how to write a short paper. First, do the reading from Dear America. Then you have to choose what your response to their reading will look like.

Your response could include:

  • Questions for class discussion
  • Your opinion on a topic the writer brought up
  • A summary of what you read
  • Observations about what you read
  • A list of topics you think the piece covered
  • Questions you might have for the author
  • An interesting tangent inspired by the piece
  • Something you researched about the author
  • Something you researched about the topic

You could:

  • Share a relevant experience from your life
  • Share relevant information from other courses you’re taking
  • Share insights you had while reading
  • Connect what you read to a topic we discussed in class
  • Explore a worthwhile tangent
  • Ask questions about things you didn’t understand in the reading
  • Critique the text
  • Analyze some part of the text that seemed interesting
  • Relate the reading to current events
  • Relate the reading to environmental issues

Most of the time your response will be a full page of writing, done on a computer. Single-space the lines, but double-space between paragraphs.

There are exceptions to this, of course. Sometimes your response might be a work of art. Or you might want to write your own Letter to America.

Special thanks to Janine DeBaise, Terrain.org education editor, for assembling these resources.

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