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Charles Bowden, 1945-2014

By David Rothenberg  Charles Bowden, circa 2009.Photo courtesy Tucson Weekly."Imagine the problem is not physical. Imagine the problem has never been ... Read More...

Big Changes Coming Soon!

There are some big changes coming to, and we're excited to share those with you. First, our publication schedule is changing from themed issues to rolling publication. Second, we are fulling merging the blog into Third, we are expanding our Reviews section. And fourth, we are launching a redesigned website. Look for the new site, and new contributions, in early February.

Scott Russell Sanders is Giving Away His New Novel — Here’s Why

Scott Russell Sanders' newest novel is Divine Animal, and he's giving away the e-version -- which is available now -- and selling the print version at cost. That one comes out in March. "A wound may be inflicted in a heartbeat--from an explosion, accidents, or cruel act--but healing, if it comes at all, comes slowly," says Sanders. "Divine Animal is a story of healing, traced through the lives of characters bound together by a secret trauma."