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Permaculture: Applying Ecology at Home

by Jolie Kaytes and Paul Charpentier                      [launch narrative slideshow]

View photo essay >>Out toward the treed ridges and purple shadows, I turn into a gravel driveway and head downhill. The driveway is lumpy and steep, and along its sides are signs that read, “Please stay in first gear.” I shift gears, slow down, and take in. I pass needles interlaced, bumpy fruits, velvety bark, pokey stems, wispy reeds. Through the lattices of foliage, I catch shifting views of an ochre house, a mid-slope speck nested among verdant layers and tawny patches. The house is my first stop in New Zealand. I am traveling here and in Australia to experience and document permaculture.

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Jolie Kaytes lives in Moscow, Idaho, and is an associate professor of landscape architecture across the state border at Washington State University. Her teaching, writing, and images integrate disciplinary perspectives and focus on recognizing and celebrating the complexity of landscapes.
Paul Charpentier is an instructor in the Environmental Science Program at the University of Idaho, Moscow. He and Jolie recently spent three months in New Zealand and Australia studying, living, and working at various permaculture sites.
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